How to choose hairdressing scissors

When choosing your scissors it is important to understand everything there is to know in order to get the perfect pair for you. We will aim to provide the answers to every question you could possibly think of.

How to look after your hairdressing scissors

Looking after your scissors is critical to getting optimal performance during each cut and to ensuring that they last as long as possible. Our guide is focussed on giving you practical advise to get the most from your scissors. 

A history of hairdressing scissors

A history of hairdressing scissors

Hairdressing scissors have become markedly smaller in the last half century. Up until 50 years every hairdresser used long scissors with a 6 - 7 inch blade being the norm.

This all changed with the incredible Vidal Sassoon, a great exponent and founder of “Precision Cutting”, an approach focussed on cutting in small sections with a very short 4.5 -5inch blade.