1-2-1 - Face to Face Education with Alex Walker

1-2-1 - Face to Face Education with Alex Walker

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1-2-1 Alex Walker

Join Alex for some 1-2-1 education. Giving you a chance to gain as much knowledge and information in an up close and personal experience. 



Alex specialises in haircutting, pairing incredible technical skill with an exceptional way of delivering information to his students to ensure knowledge is easily understood. With strong techniques and methods Alex will ensure his students understand the how and why of what they're doing. Pushing his students to break down barriers and go through their comfort zone to reach the next level. Understanding how each individual has different needs tailoring the education accordingly Alex will enable you to identify where your actions could be improved to give greater results.


One of Alex's greatest skills is not only helping people understand both technique and skill whilst being able to visually identify the qualities within your work. Alex will give you a greater understanding both in your technical or visual capabilities giving you the confidence you need.



Based on an online or telephone consultation Alex will create your bespoke education day which will include a combination of theory and practical. Ensuring you don't just understand what to do but how and why you're doing it. Following this he will then present to you the schedule of the day that we understand from the initial consultation. Once both parties have agreed and confirmed you will then arrange the time schedule of the class.



- If you wish to purchase multiple days simply click on the quantity and increase the amount of days

- You will be required to bring your own equipment to the class.

- You will receive a certificate of continual professional development after your class.


To make contact with us about your consultation about a booking please contact education@kaboodlesacademy.co.uk and leave us your name and contact number.