Mannequin Head - Thomas
Mannequin Head - Thomas

Mannequin Head - Thomas

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Our professional mannequin heads used in our academy by the Ellipse Educators and students are 100% human hair. Perfect for haircutting, styling, blow drying and clippering for all types of education. 

The hair colour is as pictured and the hair length is 25cm. This is a male mannequin head. 

Package does not include stand. 

Maintenance & Care 

  • Wash the mannequin head gently in a mixture of warm water, PH neutral to slightly alkaline shampoo and conditioner, for best results rinse and condition only
  • When cleaning, gently work the mixture through the hair, from roots to tips (rubbing or twisting hair might leave hair mat and tangle). Then, rinse in lukewarm clean water
  • Gently blot the excess water with a towel and never rub
  • Comb through the hair gently, section by section, from the ends working to the roots
  • When using bleach, the hair might discolour or become excessively damaged due to the hair previously being processed
  • If hair becomes extremely tangled allow hair to dry thoroughly, then comb gently or shampoo and comb from the ends working to the roots
  • Always keep hair dry thoroughly 
  • When using electrical appliances, avoid temperatures over 150C °